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Citywire Wealth Manager

22 Feb 2019

Office Spotlight: Stonehage Fleming Investment Management, London

Q&A with Graham Wainer, CEO at Stonehage Fleming Investment Management, London

Wealth Manager

15 Jan 2019

Hot Funds: 10 Wealth Managers’ Top Picks for 2019

The valuation discount of emerging markets to developed markets, at around 30%, is comparable to the financial crisis, and presents opportunities for skilful managers to benefit from a brighter outlook for 2019. Investors have reacted to a slowing Chinese economy in 2018.

The Economist

14 Dec 2018

Family offices become financial titans

The growing ranks of billionaires’ in-house investment teams. London-based Stonehage Fleming was formed in 2014 when the office of Britain’s Fleming family (relatives of Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond) merged with a fiduciary firm serving South African families that had fled the apartheid regime. It has some 250 families on its books.

Campden FB

29 Nov 2018

Succession beats wealth preservation as top priority for families

The world’s business families are making the successful transfer of leadership to the next generation a higher priority than even the safeguarding of wealth in an era of disruption and uncertainty.

Investment Management

14 Nov 2018

Stonehage Fleming and Glenmede Enter into Strategic Alliance

Stonehage Fleming, one of the world’s leading international family offices, and the Glenmede Trust Company, N.A. (“Glenmede”), a private wealth and institutional investment management firm in the United States, today announced they have entered into a strategic alliance, effective immediately.


19 Oct 2018

A day in the life of a PE investor

As part of a new series, PitchBook are speaking to various players in the private equity and venture capital spaces—including startups, firms and noteworthy dealmakers—to see what daily life looks like for them. This week, they spoke to Richard Clarke-Jervoise, head of private capital at Stonehage Fleming.

Private Equity International

26 Sep 2018

How the world’s family offices allocate their assets

Private equity is the most popular alternative asset for the world's family offices, according to new research.

Financial Times

24 Sep 2018

Impact investing crosses generation gap

Richard Clarke-Jervoise, head of the private capital investment team at multi-family office Stonehage Fleming, also says impact investing has become of increasing interest to clients. “There has been a step change in the past 12-18 months where it feels like we have gone through a tipping point and the interest has become more material".

Investment Management

19 Sep 2018

Stonehage Fleming appoints a new Chief Investment Officer and Director of Investment Management

Stonehage Fleming has announced the appointment of two new members to the Stonehage Fleming Investment Management team in South Africa in August 2018. Bryn Hatty has been appointed as Chief Investment Officer and Carolyn Levin as a Director in the South African Investment Management Division.

Wealth Adviser

10 Sep 2018

Stonehage Fleming appoints director of investment strategy and research

Family office Stonehage Fleming has appointed Mona Shah as Director, Investment Strategy and Research in London. Shah will report into John Veale, the Deputy Head of Investments and will be a member of the Investment Committee. She will be responsible for the selection and review of managers for use in multi-asset client portfolios.

Investment Europe

10 Sep 2018

Stonehage Fleming appoints investment strategy director

Stonehage Fleming has appointed Mona Shah as director, Investment Strategy and Research in London, effective September 2018. Shah will report into John Veale, deputy head of Investments and will be a member of the Investment Committee. She will be responsible for the selection and review of managers for use in multi-asset client portfolios.

Investment Management

10 Sep 2018

Stonehage Fleming Appoints Mona Shah Director of Investment Strategy & Research

"I am delighted to join Stonehage Fleming in September and work alongside such a talented team. I have been impressed by the firm’s commitment to excellence and strong values."

FT Wealth

03 Sep 2018

US-China trade feud is a test for your investment portfolio

“The auto industry is a clear target and may experience particular weak investor sentiment", Gerrit Smit, Head of Equity Management at Stonehage Fleming

Investment Management

31 Aug 2018

Endorsing timeless art from South Africa and beyond

International Family Office Stonehage Fleming is a proud founding partner of the Norval Foundation.

Investment Management

22 Aug 2018

Global investing: No such thing as bad timing

Do investors place too much focus on timing of the exchange rate when funds are invested offshore? Recent studies have revealed that when a disciplined approach to the regular investment of funds offshore is followed, the timing of these transactions is less important than many investors perceive it to be.

Wealth Manager

24 Jul 2018

Inside the investment minds of 14 wealth managers

14 wealth managers reveal their key calls as we work through the second half. Kirsten Boldarin, Partner Investment Strategy & Research, Stonehage Fleming, London shares her views.

Pensions and Investments

11 Jun 2018

Italy perceived as trouble — but not by all

Other managers said risks appear to have abated for contagion in Europe from Italy, thanks to the populist coalition not appearing "to be on firm ground yet, and also they did not individually call for a referendum on euro membership," said Gerrit Smit, partner, head of equity management at Stonehage Fleming Investment Management in London.


08 Jun 2018

In Profile: Stonehage Fleming

Multi-family office Stonehage Fleming deployed around $100m into private equity funds in 2017. Head of private equity, Richard Clarke-Jervoise talks to Unquote about the firm's client base, investment approach and decision to consolidate its GP relationships

FT Adviser

23 May 2018

‘Where assets appear cheap there is a good reason for it’

“Where assets appear to be cheap, there is a good reason for it. Very often the hope or the expectation of being able to turn it around are too optimistic. The task to turn a proverbial ship is usually larger than people perceive it to be. [Our] philosophy is to buy to hold outstanding quality businesses with a particular competitive edge at the maximum of a fair valuation.”


23 May 2018

Pets: An investment case

Gerrit Smit, fund manager of Stonehage Fleming’s Global Best Ideas Equity Fund, invested in Zoetis, a global manufacturer of drugs and vaccinations for pets and farm animals about a year ago. Zoetis, which was previously spun off from Pfizer, is the fund’s third-largest holding, at 5.5%.

Business Day

17 May 2018

Market conditions starting to favour active managers

Stonehage Fleming, which provides family office services for internationally wealthy families, believes this trend could partially reverse as market conditions change and become more favourable to active managers.

Investment Management

16 May 2018

Stonehage Fleming Appoints Risk & Compliance Partner

Stonehage Fleming announces the appointment of David Maxwell as Partner and Head of UK Risk & Compliance.

Global Investor

14 May 2018

Stonehage Fleming’s Wainer backs holistic offering

Wainer said the main differences between Stonehage Fleming and the generic asset management firms are the breadth of its offering and “client engagement”. “Our clients are much more closely integrated into the investment process.”

Global Investor

14 May 2018

Stonehage Fleming chief Ciucci has global ambition

Ciucci said: “Everything we do is bottom-up, so staff are crucial. We were happy to hire Simon Boadle to head up the corporate finance team and Graham Wainer we have known for years. We are very careful when it comes to hiring.”

Money Marketing

10 May 2018

News & Opinion: Jean-Pierre du Plessis

My best financial moment was the purchase of my first apartment in the cape town city bowl in about 2005

citywire Wealth Manager

26 Apr 2018

Eight Wealth Managers’ most recent fund buys

Geopolitical tensions, an ageing population and the need for a flexible approach are just some of the reasons our readers chose something new.

Private Equity International

25 Apr 2018

What really matters to private equity LPs?

LP Interview: Richard Clarke-Jervoise, Partner, Head of Private Capital shares his views "We believe that ESG is already an important consideration"


24 Apr 2018

Making HNW Families Master Finance - What’s the best way?

Since WealthBriefing started to look into the financial education of wealth management clients, the big question that has come up time and again is: what's the best way to educate the wealthy about their money?

Campden FB

20 Apr 2018

Sudden Death Succession Planning

The loss of billionaire heir Karl-Erivan Haub brings home the need for families to prepare robust succession plans to ensure their businesses survive, experts say.

campden FB

03 Apr 2018

Shared Values, Shrewd Investments: The Worlds Top 25 Independent Multi Family Offices

As family offices continue to grow in structure and wealth, how is this affecting the commercial multi family office industry?

The Wealthnet

15 Mar 2018

Buyer Beware: the dangers of viewing art as an investment

Stonehage Fleming clearly distinguishes between investment portfolios and art collections. In addition to a substantial investment business, a separate team of six art professionals assists clients with the management of over twenty global art collections acquired over the past one hundred years.


14 Feb 2018

Top Fund Managers’ 5 Global Stock Picks

UK investors tend to have a home bias when it comes to stock selection. But with a falling market, and continued Brexit uncertainty, it could be time to consider a more global outlook.

Financial Mail

09 Nov 2017

Analyse This: Stonehage Fleming’s Gerrit Smit

Financial Mail

Private Equity International

15 Sep 2017

What families want

As head of the private equity team at Stonehage Fleming,Richard Clarke-Jervoise knows a thing or two about how to attract private wealth to the asset class.

Financial Times

01 Sep 2017

A positive view on European stocks

John Veale: “Monetary policy also remains benign and fiscal austerity is easing. However, these positives are, to an extent, counterweighted by a stronger euro, which may dampen the performance of export-oriented industries.”

Private Equity International

17 Aug 2017

Why you want a family office in your fund

With assets in the trillions, a healthy penchant for private equity and autonomy over their investment strategy, family offices have a lot to offer fund managers.

International Investment

16 Aug 2017

People Moves

The role is a new one, created by the growth of the business, a spokesperson for Stonehage Fleming said. It has added more than 60 major clients to its books since the merger.


16 Aug 2017

Stonehage Fleming Takes From EFG

Stonehage Fleming is expanding its workforce further and has hired a Swedish investment expert from EFG International.

Private Equity International

16 Aug 2017

Committed capital fees ‘on the way out’

Stonehage Fleming's Richard Clarke-Jervoise discusses Committed capital fees ‘on the way out’. In the next 10 years, half of private equity managers will move to charging only on invested capital, predicts Richard Clarke-Jervoise, a partner at family office Stonehage Fleming.

Investment Management

14 Aug 2017

Stonehage Fleming Attracts Key Client Director

Eva Sheppard has joined Stonehage Fleming as a senior director within the Investment Management division.

Investment Management

05 Jul 2017

Stonehage Fleming receives highest accreditation from STEP Employer Partnership Programme

Following a rigorous application process Stonehage Fleming has been awarded 'Platinum Partner', the highest of the three accreditation levels awarded by the STEP Employer Partnership Programme.

Citywire Wealth Manager

26 Jun 2017

Stonehage Fleming hires former Investec man as equity research boss

'The needs of institutional investors, families and [ultra-high net worth clients] are constantly evolving and I am looking forward to meeting these demands.’

Investment Europe

26 Jun 2017

Stonehage Fleming adds one to equity management team

We are pleased to have attracted someone with Mark’s depth of research experience to join our Equity Management team.

Financial Times

23 Jun 2017

Why investors would be wise not to ignore tech stocks

Gerrit Smit, manager of the Stonehage Fleming Global Best Ideas Equity fund, cites the large tech groups’ strong free cash flow generation, operating margins and returns on invested capital, and “huge amounts of excess cash”.


15 May 2017

Stocks React to Election Whimper

Smit states: "Things are looking up for Europe at the moment, European consumer confidence, which has lagged, is now at a post-credit-crisis record."

Investment Management

11 May 2017

Stonehage Fleming hires two senior Bankers from UBS

Stonehage Fleming announces the appointments of two new Senior Business Developers in Switzerland.

Investment Europe

11 May 2017

UK Multi Family Office makes double hire for Swiss branch

“Florin and Andreas both have impressive backgrounds in supporting ultra-high-net worth clients in both the Swiss and German markets"


11 Mar 2017

Peugeot Turnerd to M&A to Drive Earnings Growth

Gerrit Smit saysPeugeot has acquired GM’s European business at a knock-down price. “The clear fact is that Peugeot is buying a business that [GM] tried for years to nurse and grow. They haven’t succeeded and are, you could say, a forced seller.”

Investment Management

09 Feb 2017

Global Best Ideas Equity Fund

Gerrit Smit, Head of Equity Management in London provides an overview of the Global Best Ideas Equity Fund, the investment strategy which underpins it, and its performance to date.

Investment Week

29 Jan 2017

‘Sell everything’? Managers reveal coping strategies for turbulent markets

We believe the best investment strategy at any time is to buy only outstanding businesses with a particular competitive edge against its competition, and making sure we do not pay anything more than a fair valuation for that business.

Investment Management

23 Jan 2017

Stonehage Fleming hires J.P. Morgan Private Bank veteran

“We are pleased to welcome Andrea to Stonehage Fleming. His experience is well suited to Stonehage Fleming’s distinctive integrated family office approach."


23 Jan 2017

Bank Executives: Leaving Behind a Life in Comfort

More and more highly successful bankers are leaving their well-paid jobs at big companies for a life at less well-known firms, where they can put to use their entrepreneurial spirit.

FT Adviser

14 Dec 2016

Firing Line: Anton Sternberg

Stonehage Fleming's UK profile is set to expand exponentially following its acquisition of a London-based advice business.

Financial Times

21 Oct 2016

The Fintech Challenge

“Robo-advice is not something the current generation is looking for … but it will be something that the next generation will want to know they can access,” argues Nicholas Bernard of Stonehage Fleming. “The next generation will be looking for a comprehensive, cross-platform wealth management application"

Financial News

16 Sep 2016

Stonehage Fleming hires ex-Neptune business development executive

One of the world’s largest family offices has appointed a new business development director to lead its sales effort. In a statement, Stonehage Fleming said it had appointed former Neptune Investment Management executive Ian Harvey to the role.

Wealth Briefing

12 Sep 2016

Stonehage Fleming Appoints Business Development Director

Guy Hudson, Partner and Head of Marketing said: "This marks a significant commitment to the distribution of our signature equity capability into a new channel, and demonstrates our confidence in a strategy where we are already entrusted with over £1.4bn

Wealth Manager

12 Sep 2016

Stonehage Fleming hires Neptune man for key business role

'We are pleased to welcome Ian to Stonehage Fleming. The fact that we have attracted someone of Ian’s calibre and experience further emphasises the strategy’s potential and appeal,'

Investment Week

25 Jul 2016

The headwinds and tailwinds for US equities

While the US equity market generally depends on domestic US economic circumstances and usually leads global equity markets, we have just witnessed how Brexit unnerved most capital markets, despite the fact the UK economy contributes less than 4% to global GDP.

Wealth Manager

29 Mar 2016

Stonehage Fleming hires GAM’s Wainer as head of investments

Stonehage Fleming has appointed Graham Wainer as chief executive and head of investments for Stonehage Fleming Investment Management in London. "I am extremely excited that Graham will be joining Stonehage Fleming and look forward to working closely with him," said Anton Sternberg.

The Financial Times

29 Jan 2016

Low returns will be new norm for investors, say wealth managers

"We've got to talk about low returns to clients," said Ian Marsh, head of asset management at Stonehage Fleming. "In the past, we have seen equity returns at 8 per cent. It is likely to be a lot lower, at between 3 and 5 per cent. People have to be accustomed to that."