Investment Offering

Different asset classes fulfil different functions:
Capital growth, capital protection, yield and liquidity.

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Multi Asset

Different asset classes fulfil different functions. Capital growth, Capital protection, Yield, Liquidity; each asset class has a different risk profile. We believe combining asset classes in a portfolio yields a better ‘risk-adjusted’ return for clients and is a more stable approach to managing intergenerational wealth. Understanding our clients’ risk tolerance is key to constructing multi-asset portfolios and we spend considerable time making sure our definition and expectations of risk and associated return match your own.

Equity Management

We buy best-of-breed businesses for their quality, strategic competitive edge and value. We believe that, provided we get the quality of the businesses right and do not pay anything more than a fair value, these businesses will provide us with handsome returns over time. We are a bottom-up, fundamental research driven investor and we operate with high conviction, building a concentrated portfolio.

Fixed Income

Our core principles are: focus on liquidity, security of capital, and efficiency in portfolio management. Of primary importance is that these principles are not compromised in the pursuit of excess yield. Our areas of expertise, which can be accessed individually or on a hybrid basis to suit client needs are: Cash Management, Direct Investment Grade, Fixed Income Strategy.

Private Capital

At Stonehage Fleming we have a tradition of investing in Private Capital. Such investment can take a variety of forms: a portfolio of funds, a single fund or access to our co-investment capabilities.


Our approach is rooted in a deep and practical understanding of the family, its wealth and wider circumstances. We help families develop and implement their plans to pass on an enduring legacy.